looking for balance? seek fulfillment!

seeking fulfillment | Milagros Moments

I recently submitted a post for the Student Affairs Collective reflecting on my struggles to achieve balance.  In trying to achieve balance I have actually been trying to achieve the unachievable by setting unrealistic expectations for myself.  OUCH.

Then I discovered Carponi’s (1997) recommendation to focus on living a fulfilling life instead of a balanced life.  What does that mean?? Try focusing on fully developing your character & abilities as opposed to trying to balance all the things.

If this sentiment inspired you as much it inspired me, click here to read more about living a fulfilling life!

xo, vm

// Caproni, P. (1997) Work/life balance: You can’t get there from here. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 33(1), 46-56.

// shoutout to my good friend Alex Lange (twitter//blog) for introducing me to this article.


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