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Mood boards are intended to visually illustrate a specific design style.  Since I’m not a designer, I prefer to use mood boards as a visual tool to quickly share information and inspiration about a general idea and/or concept.  In an effort to provide a platform to share resources about wellness and it’s various dimensions, I’ve started cultivating a Wellness Community Board on Pinterest.

Some of my favorite pins so far:

pin 1pin 2pin 3







And one of my new favorite quotes:


Everyone is welcome to join this community board – just comment below or email me ( to be invited to the group!  For my fellow bloggers out there, this board can also serve as an opportunity for you to shamelessly promote your own wellness posts or blogs by your favorite wellness idols.

If you aren’t sure what to pin, don’t be shy! Below are some topics/dimensions to guide you:

Health and Nutritional
Social (media and otherwise)
Emotional (intelligence and otherwise)

Still not convinced? What if you knew infusing positivity in your surroundings can boost your happiness?  That’s right – the more positivity we experience/read/view on a daily basis, the happier we are : )

Happy pinning!

xo vm


9 thoughts on “try this // sharing wellness resources

    • vmilagros says:

      YES Kelly!! *insert praise hands emoji here* I felt the same way looking at other boards but I must admit I love when people go a little outside of the box with Kiki’s prompts. Thanks for sharing yours!


  1. Kaitlyn Soroka says:

    This is great! Personal wellness is becoming a topic that has been popping up on my radar for a few weeks now. I’ve learned that I haven’t spent much time on taking time out for me and I’m becoming drained.

    I don’t know if you’re a podcast listener, but Jess Lively from the Lively Show recently had on Jessica Turner, author of the Fringe Hours on the show. They talked about how important it is for personal wellness to set aside time for yourself. When your tank is empty and you don’t make time for you, everything else you do isn’t done as well as it could.

    I’d love to be added to the board. My email is!


  2. vmilagros says:

    I love podcasts – I commute to work so podcasts and audio books have been keeping me entertained on the road. I’ll have to tune into Jess’ podcasts, sounds like she covers interesting topics! And thank you for the book recommendation, just added it to my “to-read” shelf on Goodreads : )

    Check out Pinterest when you get a chance – I added you to the board. Excited to have you contribute!


  3. Kiki says:

    I have been all about making time to get fresh air and activity as well as making time for self-care, too. This collection of resources and pins will be perfect for that! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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