try this // the reverse bucket list

I’ve always been cautious when it comes to bucket lists.  They are frequently recommended during big transitions: graduating, moving to a new home, getting a new job, etc.  I generally stay away from creating or following bucket lists because they don’t help me end relationships/transition well. Instead of slowing down to reflect on all I’ve accomplished, bucket lists highlight the items I have yet to achieve and they end up stressing me out!

Since I’m not a fan of bucket lists, I was super excited when Kiki from In Its Time announced this month’s theme for The Circle Linkup is the reverse bucket list.  The goal is to focus on things you’ve already done as opposed to focusing on things you have yet to do.  I loved this reframe so I thought I would give it a try and start building my own reverse bucket list.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • accidental MTV appeared on NYE
  • traveled to Spain, France, and Italy
  • coordinated a pageant
  • graduated with an associate’s degree
  • performed a bhangra dance at a university-wide event
  • got in a beignet powder fight in NOLA
  • spoke for Dooley, The Lord of Misrule
  • learned to operate a cotton candy machine
  • broke a stranger’s rearview mirror because I was dancing too hard (oops!)
  • got on stage with GirlTalk at 3 different shows
  • addressed the Dalai Lama when he visited Emory in 2010
  • hosted a mustache party
  • met a cowboy in Vegas
  • graduated with a bachelor’s in psychology and religion
  • worked at 2 alumni associations
  • won a bop it tournament (ok so maybe only 3 people were playing…still proud!)
  • attended a “bring your own chair” party
  • watched a UGA game from a sky suite
  • won a costume contest (I was cotton candy!)
  • passed comprehensive exams
  • graduated with a master’s in college student affairs administration
  • got engaged in Nashville
  • ran a half marathon
  • married my high school sweetheart
  • toured a bioluminescent bay

What do you think of reverse bucket lists?  What would you put on yours?  If this posts inspires you to create your own, be sure to link it in the comments – I would love to read them!

xo vm

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12 thoughts on “try this // the reverse bucket list

  1. Kaitlyn Soroka says:

    “broke a stranger’s rearview mirror because I was dancing too hard” I literally laughed out loud. How do you explain that?? “Hey so-and-so I just wanted to let you know I maybe kind of accidentally broke your rearview mirror…”

    Liked by 1 person

    • vmilagros says:

      Right?! A friend of a friend (totally random connection) was driving me somewhere. Of course we had a spontaneous dance party and… : ) Thankfully his father works with cars so he wasn’t too concerned about the damages. I was pretty embarrassed at the time but it makes for a great story in hindsight!


  2. Kiki says:

    Wait, an appearance on MTV on NYE and being in a beignet powder fight, too? I need stories for these two experiences! 🙂 You’ve done so many cool things, girl!

    Thanks for linking up!


    • vmilagros says:

      ahhh yesss!! My loud, outgoing Puerto Rican family had a reunion in NYC years ago. On the night of NYE, we walked around the square and met a Puerto Rican officer who let us into a section that was initially blocked-off. Surprisingly we found ourselves standing right next to Sway Calloway! I was young so I had no idea people reserve their NYE Times Square spots for HOURS. Oops!! Definitely of my favorite memories.

      The beignet powder fight it a little easier to explain. Think: Mardi Gras + excited best friends + messy eaters = powder EVERYWHERE : P


  3. Aubrey says:

    What a list!! Were you in NYC for new years?! NYC is one of my very favorite places! I’d love to see your cotton candy costume!! Also your wedding was beautiful!!! You!! Your dress, your bouquet!!


  4. Julie Hood says:

    I married my high school sweetheart, too! I’m stopping by from the circle link-up, and I love the random stuff on this list–mustaches, cotton candy costumes, traveling…sounds so fun! And I love your blog name! At first I thought it was “Milagros y momentos” but miracle is your last name?! Even cooler.


    • vmilagros says:

      Milagros is my middle name! I share it with my sister and mother; I love the meaning (“miracle” in Spanish) but I also love the family connection. Thanks for commenting on it : ) You’ve inspired me to start working on an “about the blog name” section – sounds like the story behind Milagros Moments deserves to be shared!


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