are you well? try this wellness assessment


This week I had the pleasure of traveling to sweet sunny Tampa, FL to attend ACPA’s Annual Convention, which aims to support and foster college student learning by generating and disseminating knowledge for student affairs (SA) professionals (like me!) and the higher education community.  During one of the session blocks, I decided to forgo a presentation to meet with the Commission for Wellness and I’m so glad I did!

In the short amount of time we met, we discussed our frustrations with the b-word, the ever-changing concept of balance, and the importance of taking care of your self in the field of SA.  A brief discussion about whether or not wellness can be assessed inspired me to share a wellness assessment with you.

The Dimensions of Wellness Assessment from Northern Illinois University is one of my favorite wellness assessments because it clearly breaks down each dimension of wellness and provides you with a fun visual at the end:


How cool is this?!  People generally have a feeling about which dimension needs the most attention to be well but this is an easy tool for those that might want a more quantitative idea of their current wellness status.

I typically use this assessment once a month as a way to reflect on the past month and make plans for the future.  This particular circle is much too perfect to be mine but you get the idea : )

Overall, I am feeling refreshed and excited to connect with a group of individuals who are also passionate about wellness and SA.  If you take the quiz, I would love to know how you are utilizing the results!

xo vm

// shoutout to my friend Lauren for developing this tool

// click here, here, and here for more of my thoughts on balance

// follow this link you are interested in learning more about ACPA


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