try this // discover a mini-hobby


You know I don’t like to complain about being busy but (insert complaints here) and it has been particularly difficult to find “me” time this semester.  Part of it could be because this is my first time experiencing a Spring semester as a full-time student affairs professional.  It could also be in part because I now happily share a home with Adam and have less of my own personal space.

Whatever the reason, I learned to get creative about finding hidden pockets of “me” time throughout the day.  Even so, when I did begin to discover pockets of free time (mostly in between meetings) I realized most of my free time was wasted by mindless, unproductive activities.

In an effort to remain present and be intentional about these pockets of free “me” time, I picked up a mini-hobby.  To me, a mini-hobby is a pleasurable activity that can be easily done at any point in time. For example, my mini-hobby is practicing calligraphy!

I discovered calligraphy when my friends Caitlin and Tiffany signed me up for an online class at I Still Love Calligraphy with Melissa Esplin.  I can easily practice calligraphy during those small pockets of free time during the day and it keeps me present, energized, and engaged.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.29.27 AM

I’m obviously not a pro at calligraphy but the more I practice the more comfortable I am with different styles and tools.  The best part about calligraphy is that I can practice at any time as long as I have paper and a writing utensil.  Sometimes I even find myself tracing calligraphy into my desktop with my finger!

What mini-hobbies have you picked up?  Reading?  Practicing magic?  I’m a big fan of searching through Pinterest for inspiration so of you are interested in learning calligraphy, I’ve created a Pinterest board to get you started.

xo vm

// thank you to Dija from The Inspired Cafe for starting the “Get Insprie(d)” link-up

// first image by Amanda Marie Portraits.


One thought on “try this // discover a mini-hobby

  1. Dija says:

    Hey thanks for stopping by The Inspired Cafe and linking up! I loved this blog post and it was very inspiring. It is important to take advantage of those little pockets of time and do something that makes you happy and energizes you!


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