act the way you want to feel

A few months ago I read The Happiness Project  in which Gretchen Rubin chronicles her attempts at learning about and exploring happiness over the course of a year.  Although I greatly enjoyed many of the lessons Gretchen shares with her readers about her personal pursuit of happiness, there is one in particular that continues to stand out for me:

Acting the way we want to feel can seem a bit daunting, but Gretchen explains that even an artificially induced smile brings happier emotions.

In an effort to apply Gretchen’s advice to my own life, I have practiced how to act with energy to give myself a natural energy boost.  Acting with energy even when I am feeling low has proven to be especially helpful for me during long days of back-to-back meetings followed by evening/weekend events and programs.  I am often surprised that even thinking about acting with energy already begins the process of creating that natural energy boost.

Although it is incredible how powerful this trick can be during difficult times, it requires a lot of practice.  I’ve always disliked the phrase “fake it ’til you make it” but with regards to Gretchen’s advice, the more I practice acting with energy the less I have to “fake it.”

What do you do to find a natural boost of energy throughout the day?

xo vm


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