we are human first

Do you know someone that inspires you to no end?  I am fortunate to know many people that inspire me, but today I want to introduce you to my friend Megan Pendleton.  In 2013 Megan had the opportunity to open for Maya Angelou because of her piece, “Glass Butterfly”.  I get chills every time I watch it.  Seriously!  Megan’s words motivate me to take the time to pause and listen to other’s stories because each story is valuable. See for yourself and then read about what this piece means for Megan:

I wrote the original “Glass Butterfly” sometime in 2009. I read a story about two lesbian women in India who set themselves afire because of the issues they faced as a same sex couple. It struck me immediately, I was stunned. Their burned bodies were found in an embrace. It was heart wrenching. My mind went racing! I couldn’t imagine what led them to that decision, what those conversations were like. So I wrote it to try and make sense of everything, to send out a message about the worth inherent in us all regardless of our characteristics and identities. That version of the poem included the beginning and end of the current piece.  After lots of editing and shifting the theme, in 2011 this version emerged. With a similar theme, the hope was for this piece to combat the messages, principles, doctrines, and ideas that we often internalize. For me it serves as a reminder to remember my worth. -Megan

When was the last time you reminded someone of their worth? Or took the time to listen and respect someone’s story? After all, we are all human first.

xo vm


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